KZ D1 - Den Bosch D1 (6-11-2022)

Last Sunday, Klein Zwitserland’s Dames 1 competed against a fierce Den Bosch. 

The game started and Den Bosch were quick to create some attacking opportunities with Maartje Krekelaar being effective in converting two chances. KZ fought back to stay in the game and make some chances of their own. KZ’s Kaho Tanaka scored at the 19th minute mark to make it 2-1 heading into half time. The third quarter saw Den Bosch convert two penalty corners variations to make the score 4-1. KZ continued to fight bravely however started to run out of energy. Den Bosch finished strong with another 2 field goals however a penalty stroke was awarded on Lexie Pickering that Kaitlin Nobbs secured to leave the standing at 6-2.

Dames 1 Overzicht